BULLETIN Ė For Camp Wyanokie Group Permit Holders Revised 04/25/2000

To supplement the brochure and Rules and Regulations, this bulletin is intended to provide further information to ensure cleanliness and security at camp so your group will enjoy itís stay.

  1. Groups are expected to police the camp sites, access road and trails for cans, bottles and other non-biodegradable material starting at the entrance (first sign on the top of the hill entering the camp and logging road on the left) till the property ends (houses approaching Norvin Green State Forest); and the Lionís Den area. Plastic garbage bags are suggested; litter may be deposited in the dumpster.
  1. Since we are in a watershed, use of the two latrines is mandatory! You can help by sweeping and sanitizing these facilities so they will be more inviting for your group and others to use. Only human waste should go into these pits, otherwise the fermentation action will be retarded. Plan to bring needed supplies with you. If you run out check with the Ranger.

The above is in keeping with our policy of expecting all permit groups to perform a service for their use of the camp. Other projects are available for those interested from the permit issuers.

Since we are on a town road security can be a problem. Unauthorized persons have used the camp to have parties. This has occurred occasionally on Friday and Saturday nights or very early in the morning on other days.

  1. Any unruly person or group should be asked to leave. If you do not wish to challenge these people, contact the Ranger (Bill Bednarski) located at the last house on the left on Snake den Road. She will make a phone available to call the West Milford police at 728-2802, any time of the day or night. A public phone is available in the vicinity of the Mobile station at the intersection of west Brook and Otter Hole Roads.
  1. It is suggested that Girl Scout troops or similar groups, call the West Milford police in advance and ask that the road be patrolled during their stay, particularly at night.
  1. If you hear unruly noise at night or sense a potential problem, immediate action by the group leader will help insure the safety of the campers, their personal property and their unattended vehicles.

Camping in vehicles including vans, trailers or popup tents is not permitted. We do not have parking space or facilities to accommodate them. The camp is intended for LOW IMPACT camping only.