Notice to Permit Holders 10-3-07

In an effort to keep Wyanokie clean, the help of campers would be
appreciated. In keeping with the outdoor motto, "Leave nothing behind in the
woods but your foot prints", campers are asked to do some service to leave
Wyanokie cleaner than when you arrived. This could include picking up papers;

cans, bottles, broken glass and plastic and depositing them in the dumpster.
Please push deposits to the back of the dumpster and be sure the top is closed,
as bears love garbage. A check of the latrines, where sanitary hand dispensers
have recently been installed, would be appreciated.

Recently vandalism has resulted in severe damage to a leanto and
defacing of the Lion's Den. If problems like this, drinking and other rules
violations occur, please call the West Milford police at 973.728.2802, if your cell
phone works. We don't want anyone jeopardizing their safety in such
instances. At least get the make and license number of vehicles of these
offenders and provide this to the North Caldwell Recreation office so
appropriate action can be taken.

Above all enjoy your camping trip at Camp Wyanokie.