Camp Wyanokie is now insured as a Quasi Municipal Equity Class II under North

         Caldwell with the Morris County Joint Insurance Fund. Recent large increases in

         premiums necessitated this change. With this new coverage certain verifications are now

         required for all recreational activities at Camp Wyanokie by organizations using the

         facilities covered by this insurance fund. We regret the inconvenience that this imposes

         to our Camp users: we are faced with an additional administrative work load as well, so

         your understanding and cooperation will be appreciated.


             A new Application/Permit form will be used. Under NON-RESIDENCE


         be checked requiring submission of documents.


             Hold Harmless Agreement - please complete form provided by North Caldwell

         Recreation Office.


             Certificate of Insurance - Scout units must obtain from their Scout HQ for each trip.


             Tour Permit - This is a BSA requirement for all units camping outside their council

         or at non scout facilities i.e. Wyanokie. Without this, Boy Scout liability insurance is not

         in effect.


             In order to permit your parent organization a few days to do their work, it is

         suggested that your application process begin three weeks before you expect to use the

         Camp, at the latest.


             NON-RESIDENT APPLICANTS - fee schedule

             A $10 registration fee for each overnight permit (minimum fee eliminated). Overnight

         fee will be $5 per person per night.

             Day usage - a $10 registration fee and $5 per person.